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800 Degrees Has a Secret Deal That’s Completely Insane

This pizza cost $5.36

I’m going to make this super short and sweet because what I’m about to tell you is pretty easy to understand.  IF YOU’RE NOT FOLLOWING 800 DEGREES ON INSTAGRAM YOU’RE MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE.  Every single morning they post a photo of their “Pizza of the Day” which, if you choose to order it on said day, will be given to you at 50% off.  11am until closing.  Any and all locations.  Half off.  The pizza of the day.  If you keep the toppings to a minimum, 800 Degrees is already a great deal.  Half off 800 Degrees is a stupid good deal. The day I went it was a margherita w/ caramelized onions, bacon and pine nuts. Today it’s salami and broccolini.  Of course it helps if you’re willing to eat anything and everything. To order just let the pizza maker know you want the “pizza of the day” and they take care of the rest.  You pay somewhere around $5, the end.

800 Degrees, multiple locations

Prediction: 800 Degrees Will Be Bigger Than Umami Burger


I wasn’t here in L.A. for the opening of Umami Burger in 2009, but I was here for most of the aftermath.  The popularity.  The expansion.  Being named “Burger of the Year” by GQ.  The backlash.  The backlash to the backlash.  But through it all there is one thing that has always been undeniable (even though many burger snobs don’t want to admit it): Umami is a great concept. It’s a great burger.  But there are other great burgers to be had in L.A. and around the country- many of them cheaper than the $10-12 creations at Umami. In other words, it’s not going to be anything that anybody hasn’t seen before in some form.

But you know what you can’t get anywhere else in the country?  A real neapolitan pizza for $6.  And that, my friends, is why 800 Degrees- the latest concept from the Umami braintrust- will be a true game changer.  The first location of what they hope will be many opened Monday in Westwood Village, and considering how smoothly it was running on day 3 I feel confident saying that the place is completely genius. The concept.  The food. And most importantly, the price.  And what makes it even more amazing is that I completely expected it to be a shitshow.

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