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Win a Korean Restaurant Guide to L.A. Signed by Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn

If you’re a fan of Korean food in L.A., you’ll want to listen to this week’s episode of the Food is the New Rock podcast w/ Joe Hahn from Linkin Park. Matt Rodbard from Food Republic is my guest host (he has a cookbook coming out next year called Koreatown USA) and Joe tells both of us about his favorite places to eat in Koreatown. I also brought him food from two of my favorite places- sliced pig’s feet from Jang Choong Dong Jokbal, and kimbap from Gaju Naengmyeon. Download the episode for free from iTunes or stream it here.

Plus we’re giving away a copy of Taste of Korea’s Korean Restaurant Guide to L.A., signed by Joe himself.  To enter to win just sign up for the Food is the New Rock newsletter.  A winner will be chosen at random from all of our subscribers.  Good luck!

Everything You Wanted to Know About L.A.’s New Halal Chicken & Rice Cart


Unless you believe in cosmic forces it will be hard to accept that this happened accidentally, but I just this morning realized that Midtown Lunch: Los Angeles turned 4 years old this week.  I say cosmic forces must be involved because 10 days ago Los Angeles finally got the one thing that I’ve been craving, the one thing I’ve been begging for, the one thing that any true Midtown luncher can’t live without: a chicken and lamb over rice halal cart.  It took four long years of questioning, hoping, searching for alternatives, and finally it’s happened.  And just in time for our four year anniversary.  Sometimes life really is perfect.

On January 26th the Chicken and Rice cart opened for business on a side street across Highland from Mel’s Diner, just south of Hollywood Blvd. And if you had told me that the photos were from 53rd St. & 6th Ave. on a Friday night at Midnight, I may have believed you.  L.A. turned out in force for New York style street meat, answering the 4 year old question of “Could a halal cart be successful in L.A.?”  Answer: yes. But if 6 years of Street Meat Palooza taught me anything it’s that all street meat isn’t created equal. What kind of rice are they using? What about the hot sauce?  Are these guys the real deal, or just bush league imposters?

All of your questions answered, after the jump…

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