Chicken & Rice Truck to Bring NYC Style Street Meat to L.A.

Big news for fans of New York City style street meat- our prayers have finally be answered! A new truck is getting set to hit Los Angeles serving chicken and lamb over rice with white sauce and hot sauce.  It’s called Chicken & Rice and they’re hoping to open next week in a parking lot on Hollywood & Highland (next to Mel’s).

Check out the menu, after the jump…

We confirmed that the lamb will be gyro, and it sounds like the white sauce will most likely be mayo based (like most of the carts in NYC.)   The owner also owns Spice Hollywood Bistro, which opened back in March, and has no real connection to street meat besides just being a huge fan and wanting to bring it to L.A.  They’re hoping to be open by Thursday, January 23rd with a grand opening $5 special, but you should check their Facebook page to confirm.

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    how is it more expensive than the NY carts (except kwik meal)

  • I wonder how much the lamb & chicken combo will be.

    and samk, $7 is a dollar more than NYC. I somehow doubt the lines will be a mile long unless people in LA abandon tacos.

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    this is why we decided on having chicken/gyro tacos on the menu .. our goal is to have a hybrid of east coast and west coast ideas and normally any lunch in LA is at least $10 so the price is actually very reasonable … once you try the food I assure you that it is definitely worth it

  • I look forward to the inevitable East Coast / West Coast Streetmeat rivalry. Watch your back C&R… Uncle Gussy gets word you’re dissin NY there might be a drive by squirting … white sauce and hot sauce all over the place… splamb all over the street. Straight outta Midtown, word

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