Would Los Angeles Support a NYC Style Halal Street Meat Truck?

IMG_1180I’m in NYC stuffing my face with street meat today, so no lunch post today… but while we’re on the subject of Street Meat, I do have a quick question. (If you’re not familiar with NYC style “street meat”, this should answer all your questions). It just so happens one of my favorite street meat “chefs” (can they be called chefs? cooks… sidewalk street food slingers?) just moved to Los Angeles and is contemplating opening a food truck that serves NYC style street meat- or “Halal” food, as it’s known on countless carts in NYC. We have plenty of shawarma, and Middle Eastern platters of meat with tahini and/or hot sauce. But it is impossible to get a plate of chopped up chicken and “lamb” (aka gyro meat) over rice with “white sauce” and hot sauce (believe me I’ve tried.) If you’ve ever been to NYC you know exactly what I’m talking about. So the big question is, would L.A. support a food truck that served this very specific New York street food? I’m not one to recommend that anybody opens a food truck (it’s tough tough work, for very little money) but I would be really excited to be able to get street meat in L.A.

Am I the only one?

Why is There No “Street Meat” in L.A.?



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