3 New Roast Beef Sandwiches I’d Eat Today

Sick of turkey?  Me too.  But you’ve still got to eat lunch today, so can we recommend… a roast beef sandwich?  Here are 3 new ones that have surfaced in L.A. over the past few months. 


Situated in the shadow of Brentwood’s branch of Lemonade, I probably wouldn’t have ever thought to eat at Roast if it wasn’t for this post on Unemployed Eater.  Despite how good it sounds in theory (deli and meat market FTW!), in actuality it’s kind of a strange lunch place for the neighborhood; with an aesthetic that could only be described as bush league or DIY- depending on how generous you were feeling that day.  In other words, don’t look for Roast to take too much business away from their neighbor anytime soon, or expand into some kind of local chain.  That being said, their roast beef sandwich- which comes in slider or sandwich form- was surprisingly good.  Perfectly rare, and deliciously tender and moist, it only gets better when you use their horseradish sauce and au jus. Not something I’d drive out of my way for, but it’s one of the better lunch options in Brentwood.  The only downside?  The french dip is $12.  Roast, 147 S Barrington. Brentwood Village. 310-476-1100


Marcona, the newish gourmet sandwich shop on Melrose whose lomo sandwich tempted Serious Eats recently, introduced a new fall menu of sandwiches last month. And one of the new additions? Roast beef. Fresh roasted in house, and topped with horseradish, melted cheddar, and a pretty heavy gravy, this might not be the best option for the Monday after Thanksgiving. In fact, it might not be the best option for most people in L.A. But if a gut busting, over-the-top roast beef sandwich is what you’re looking for, this one is a winner. And their bread is pretty damn good too. Marcona, 7368 Melrose Ave. L.A. 323-951-9991


But the biggest new gourmet sandwich opening of late has got to be Storefront, the new Los Feliz collaboration between the owners of Bar Covell and Salt’s Cure.  Their take out only menu features some pretty awesome looking breakfast sandwiches, a much touted hamburger, and their version of the Godmother- featuring all house made charcuterie.  It’s clearly a work in progress, but if you’re in the mood for some roast beef, their muffaletta w/ horseradish cream is really tasty (and $3 less than the Italian sandwich.) Storefront Deli, 4624 Hollywood Blvd. Los Feliz. 323-665-5670


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