Ludo’s Provencal Fried Chicken is No Longer Balls


I hit up the Ludo Fried Chicken Truck yesterday for the first time since the end of last year, and discovered a big change.  No more balls!  Not sure when they started doing this (it may have been awhile ago), but Ludo’s Provencal fried chicken is no longer franken-balls held together with lord knows what.  Instead, they’re using what appear to be whole thighs- making them more like dark meat chicken strips.  It’s completely understandable considering how much work it takes to make Ludo’s famous balls, and it’s hard to be mad since the chicken still has the same great herbes de provence packed flavor.  Oh… and the portions are waaaaay bigger- so there’s that.

Congrats to Starry Kitchen for now serving our favorite balls in Los Angeles, uncontested. But for fried chicken from a truck, Ludo is still king.

Ludo Fried Chicken is a Truck Worth Chasing


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