Starry Kitchen Brings Back Ultra-Popular Tofu Balls

One of the best things about Starry Kitchen, the pan-Asian fast food spot in the Cal Plaza Water Court Downtown, is the fact that every week they rotate new dishes in and old dishes out.  It’s also one of the worst things about the place.  It’s fun, and keeps things fresh and new… but it also means that your favorites might be fleeting.  Case in point: their green crisped rice covered tofu balls (also called “Game Changer #2″, perhaps because it’s a vegetarian option that even fat dudes like me would like.)  Surprisingly, this pork-less option was one of the best things I tried on my first visit to the place back in February, and when they were rotated out if was kind of upsetting- not just for me, but for countless other fans.  Well, they have heard the cries from the masses and today the tofu balls are back on the menu.  If you missed out the first time around, don’t let it happen again.  They’ll probably disappear again in another few weeks.  You know… because that’s how they getcha!

And as an added bonus, if you go to Starry Kitchen today (5/17) you get a free soda.

Starry Kitchen is a (Now Legal) Downtown Godsend. Just Make Sure You Go By Friday!


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