Papaya King and Joe’s Pizza Turn Wilcox Into NYC West


At the end of last month NYC institution place that sells hot dogs in New York, Papaya King, opened  on Hollywood Blvd. Funny billboards appeared all over town, and people started emailing me to ask if I was excited. (“Short fat Jew from NYC must love hot dogs!”)  The Guru weighed in last week with a reverent but kind of lukewarm endorsement that still managed to make us all want to rush over to Hollywood & Wilcox- as only he can do.  So when I found myself in Hollywood yesterday I couldn’t help but swing by (short fat Jewish man does love hot dogs.)

But before I made it to the familiar yellow counter I was stopped in my tracks by another opening that really solidified Hollywood & Wilcox as the place to go whenever I need a little taste of New York City…


Over the weekend, Joe’s Pizza opened their third location in Los Angeles on Hollywood Blvd just West of Wilcox (right around the corner from the new Papaya Dog.


And while technically it’s not owned by the same people who own Joe’s in NYC (apparently they’re being sued over it) it’s still one of the better slices of pizza in Los Angeles- and without a doubt the best slice of pizza on Hollywood Blvd.  Don’t believe me?  Have a slice and then walk up the street to Greco’s Pizza Parlor.  All you have to do is look at the pale white sheet of what may or may not be cheese coagulated on top of what they call pizza and you’ll cry tears of joy that Joe’s is now in the hood.

Hello shitty frozen knishes out of a box! I’ve missed you…

But what about that hot dog from around the corner? (You didn’t think I forgot to eat a hot dog, did you?)


There may have been big lines opening week, but yesterday I was one of only 5 people getting my lunch on.  At the suggestion of the guy behind the counter, I went with the dog topped with kraut and “New York onions” (the canned sweet tomato sauce/onion mixture you’ll find at most NYC hot dog carts).  I think the hot dog had a good snap, but who could tell under all that kraut and oniony goop. Don’t get me wrong… I loved every bite.  And being able to stumble drunk from Beauty Bar or Hotel Cafe to Papaya Dog is clearly something that I may need to work on.  But of all the things I miss about  New York City (streeeeet meat!), Papaya King isn’t super high on the list.

Call me when Shake Shack gets here.  (One would fit perfectly on Hollywood & Wilcox!)

Papaya King, 1645 Wilcox Avenue, 323-871-8799

Joe’s Pizza, 6504 Hollywood Blvd, 323-467-9500


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