Bru’s Wiffle Brings Waffle Sliders to the Westside


If you’ve been reading Midtown Lunch for awhile then you probably have figured out that I don’t necessarily love the standard sandwich as much as the average luncher.  For me to get excited about a sandwich it’s got to have the greatest meatloaf of all time in it, be stuffed with mozzarella sticks and onion rings, topped with string beans, and/or Pueblan string cheese. Give me a something I can work with here.  In other words, when presented with the choice between the greatest turkey sandwich of all time, and just decent Chinese food- I’m going to go Chinese.

Unless of course that sandwich uses waffles as its bread!  So when I read on Unemployed Eater that Bru’s Wiffle in Santa Monica was doing a special waffle breakfast sandwich, I was intrigued and ready to subscribe to their newsletter.


This isn’t the first time waffle sandwiches have graced the pages of ML.  Back in August we heard about a ham and cheese waffle sandwich being served at Shaky Alibi.  But that place is more of a coffee shop than a lunch spot, and as good as their waffle sandwich is you feel like you’re eating dessert or a snack- not a meal.  Bru’s Wiffle, on the other hand, is a straight up breakfast all day (plus lunch) spot.  They have fries, and regular panini sandwiches plus soups and salads.  And, like any good waffle place, fried chicken…


How could I not?  At $10.50 it was a bit over the ML price range, but I’ll break my rules when fried chicken and waffles is concerned- plus it’s kind of a ton of food.  The brussels waffle you get is pretty huge and fat, unlike Roscoe’s- which is on the thinner side.  It was nice and fluffly, perfectly moist on the inside, but the crisp exterior still provided a nice base for the two big pieces of fried chicken. If you like breasts you’ll be in love with this bad boy- you get two nicely seasoned fried chicken breasts, which were super crispy and plenty tasty- especially when smothered in syrup.  It won’t be replacing Roscoe’s anytime soon (I’m a thigh man myself) but if you’re eating with boring co-workers who can’t be convinced to make the trip down Pico, this will do just fine.


I really wanted to try the big mama jamma breakfast sandwich that Unemployed Eater is trying to get added to the menu at Bru’s, but once I saw that they had “breakfast sliders”, I couldn’t resist.  Like the fried chicken they’re 50 cents over my normal $10 price range, but look those damn things!  It’s clearly worth it.  Egg, cheese, bacon *and* turkey sausage, sandwiched between mini waffles… perfect for dipping.  Sliders sound fun, but you want something cheaper and a bit more lunch’ish?  Hello hamburger waffle sliders…


At only $8.95, they’re a slightly better deal… and if you can wait until after 2pm you get a discount.  Not the best burger you’ve ever tasted (and they make it well done by default) but if the idea of a mini burger on mini waffles sounds good to you, you will love this.

Admittedly if you pulled all the components apart, and served it as a standard breakfast plate, it would be just another decent breakfast spot in Santa Monica that makes a great waffle.  But it just goes to show that with a little ingenuity, and a willingness to stuff anything inside of a waffle, you too can attract the attention of lunch hunting fatsos like me.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Waffle sandwiches!  Where do I sign?
  • I love fluffy, thick Belgian waffles.  Roscoe’s are too skinny!
  • My favorite piece of fried chicken is the breast
  • Love that they have turkey sausage
  • Waffle sweet potato fries!?!
  • Everything tastes better dipped in maple syrup

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I prefer liege waffles to brussels waffles
  • My least favorite piece of fried chicken is the breast
  • Just because you stick a medicore burger between two waffles doesn’t make it good
  • Sorry, but those are not sliders.  Can we please stop using that damn word!?

Bru’s Wiffle, 2408 Wilshire Blvd, 310-453-2787



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