Why Does Anybody Get Cold Sandwiches at Bay Cities!?


Clearly there is nothing I can’t write about Bay Cities that hasn’t been written before. If you want a sandwich, and you’re anywhere near Santa Monica, it’s pretty much the only spot that anybody and everybody will send you to. On my first visit I learned that waiting in line was for suckers. Ordering online saves a ton of time, but I get it. Sometimes you’re driving around, you didn’t plan for the visit, the craving comes all of a sudden- and boom. What are you going to do? I’ll tell you what you’re going to do… go for the hot foods! The bread at Bay Cities is unbelievably good. But the cold cuts they put in the Godmother? It’s just Boar’s Head. On my first visit the chicken parm sandwich blew away the Godmother, and last week I headed back for the meatloaf sandwich- a recommendation from Lunch’er “Jeff”.

Just a warning… it’s about to get super messy in here!

The line at the deli counter is a constant, but there is rarely a wait at the hot foods counter and they’ll put any of that stuff in a sandwich, so you don’t miss out on the delicious Bay Cities bread.  Eggplant parm.  Chicken Parm.  Meatballs.  And of course, meatloaf… which was that day’s mission.


$10 later I was holding the largest, heaviest single sandwich I think I have ever eaten (is dense-est also a word? How about girthiest?)  It’s pricey for a sandwich, but seriously (and I NEVER say this) it could easily be two lunches (or split with a co-worker.)   You can pretty much get whatever you want on the sandwich, including mashed potatoes (!!!) which I shamefully forgot when placing my order.  Very upsetting.

Even with that huge misstep, the sandwich was still out of control.  The bread alone automatically elevates any sandwich at Bay Cities to exalted status- but this meatloaf, topped with mashed potatoes?  Covered in their red sauce? (With some hot peppers maybe?) We’re flirting with legendary.  No joke.  And there’s no wait. I wonder if they’ll put lasagna in a sandwich…

Why is it again that people waste their time on the Godmother?

Obligatory Bay Cities Lunch (And I Did It In Under 40 Minutes)



  • Girthiest is a word. Or at least I hear it all the time.

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    The bread is indeed great, especially when fresh out of the oven and has a little crunch. Go for the Poorboy instead of the Godmother, it’s $2 cheaper and has pretty much the same ingredients. My favorite hotcase item is the sausage and pepper hoagie (available on Wednesdays. $9, but well worth it…

  • I actually like their sausage sandwich the best. Try getting a large meatball sandwich and specifying “half sausage” in the “special requests” box. Best of both worlds!

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