An Open Letter to Spicy Pie: Please Open a Storefront in Los Angeles


Not sure if you follow @foodisnewrock (my music/food side project) but over the weekend I went to my first Coachella and quickly realized something most Coachella vets are well aware of: Spicy Pie is pretty fucking awesome.  Sure, I did my due diligence by eating a corn dog, crab fries, Asian BBQ, fish tacos, shitty Thai food and an absolutely sick chocolate filled malasada (hawaiian doughnut), but next year I think I might just eat Spicy Pie for every meal. And considering it’s $7 a slice for their signature slice (jalapeno and pineapple) that’s saying a lot.

Maybe it was heat stroke, or the fact that the food at Coachella is mostly terrible and ridiculously over-priced, but Spicy Pie is easily the best option (provided you don’t count Kogi, which we can eat whenever we want).  I want another slice right now.  Only one problem… they only do festivals.  What up with that!?  We need a Spicy Pie in L.A.  It would easily hold its own against Vito’s or Joe’s or LaRocco’s in Culver City.  Can somebody make this happen?



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