Louks to Go’s $10 Special is a $h*! Ton of Food


Man, I really love Greek food.  Don’t get me wrong… I wouldn’t turn down a tasty shawarma sandwich, and Israeli, Lebanese and Persian food have a special place in my heart.  But there is something so simple and satisfying about Greek food that probably dates back to Greek festivals my parents used to take me to when I was a kid.  Unadulterated gyro meat, cut off the spit and topped with tomato, onions and tzatziki, rolled up in a pillowy piece of pita bread.  It can’t be beat.  But that’s something you can find at any Greek restaurant- my favorite part of the festivals were the loukamades, fried doughnut holes topped with honey, nuts and cinnamon (what can I say, I’m a fat adult- I was a fat kid.)

To this day I don’t think I’ve ever really seen these things anywhere but at a festival, so when I found out that there was a Greek food truck in L.A. called Louks to Go I was pretty psyched.  Oh- and they serve gyros, and souvlaki and french fries too?  Awesome… because… uh… I wasn’t going to just eat loukamades for lunch.  That would be crazy!  I… uh… would never have done that.  Glad they serve some savory stuff too.


The menu is kind of big for a food truck.  They have 5 different kinds of gyro for $5 (everything but lamb), 5 different kinds of skewers for $3 each, 5 different kinds of fries ($2-4), a few salads, $12 lamb chops, and a few specials- like a lamb burger.  Oh, and let’s not forget the louks.  They have 6 different kinds of those, all for $4.


But what caught my eye was Gyro + Louks + French Fries special for $10.  Is that even possible?  And you can order any of the french fries?  And any of the louks?  All for $10?  Yes.  Yes you can.


I was pretty disappointed that the traditional gyro was beef instead of lamb or a mix of lamb of beef (like most industrial gyro spits), but I went with it anyway.  (Chicken, shrimp, sausage or falafel is not a real gyro!)  The sandwich was mostly perfect… thick tzatziki, tomatoes, onions and a nicely toasted piece of fluffy pita bread.  Plus a french fry bonus!  How great is that?  The only downside was the gyro meat itself, which was clearly pre-processed thin individual strips as opposed to cut off an actual spit.  It tasted good (hey, bologna tastes good!)  but I was hoping for the real cut off the spit variety (even though that meat is usually processed as well, at least it’s cooked and cut off a spit!)  Thankfully the rest of the food more than made the deal worth it.


I went with the french fries topped with feta and honey, which tasted exactly like what they are- shoestring fries, topped with feta and honey.  Not bad at all.   And the doughnuts?  Those come topped with all sorts of stuff (nutella, peanut butter, strawberry, caramel apple) but I went with the standard- honey and cinnamon.  They were fresh and hot and fluffy and totally awesome (it’s fried dough, what do you expect?)  The honey wasn’t exactly what I remember from the loukamades of my youth, and they don’t put nuts on it (after all nuts are expensive) but considering how much food you get for $10 it’s difficult to complain.  In fact (and I don’t say this often) you could easily share this $10 lunch with a second person and be completely satisfied.  Lord knows I didn’t need to eat that whole order of loukamades myself (although I did give it the old college try.)

Was it the best gyro I’ve had in L.A.?  Definitely not, and if you work by Papa Cristo’s you’ll never have any need for the Louks to Go Truck.  But it’s better than Daphne’s (not saying much, I know) and the $10 combo might be one of the best food truck deals in all of L.A.  I’ll be back.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • A gyro sandwich + french fries topped with feta + a huge order of doughnuts for $10.  Am I dreaming?
  • The tzatziki is thick and good
  • The sandwich is super tasty
  • French fries in the sandwich?  Awesome.
  • The louks tasted super fresh
  • How could french fries topped with feta be bad!?
  • I like Daphne’s gyro meat, and this is practically the same!

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • The louks and fries don’t travel well… so if you have a long trip back to the office this might not be the best spot for you
  • Their gyro meat reminded me of a Greek Arby’s. Why don’t they have a spit?  Even Kronos would be better than this!
  • No nuts on the louks?  That’s terrible.  (And the honey didn’t seem entirely right either.)

Louks to Go Truck, Get more info on their website or twitter.


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  • So much food that I couldn’t even finish your leftovers. I bet that wasn’t real honey. It was like honey flavored corn syrup haha. jk, it was pretty good, even loukwarm (har har)

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