Bad News/Good News For Food Trucks

ML has always been a huge fan and supporter of food trucks, but we’ve also been realistic about how hard it is for trucks to make money exclusively selling food on the street (despite what countless “trend” pieces would have you believe.)  So it was no surprise to read on Squid Ink that a number of trucks have already shut down or reverted exclusively to catering gigs. (Even a truck like Marked 5, which had almost 4000 twitter followers and was featured on VendrTV, decided it wasn’t worth it financially to keep roaming around the streets.)  The good news is, a new tool is launching that could help… meet Road Stoves GPS, the first iPhone app dedicated to mapping food trucks based on GPS instead of twitter.  Great news if they can get all the trucks to participate, although we still think there is no online substitute for a consistent schedule of parking spots.  [via Squid Ink]

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