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Copper Barrel’s $8 Specials Fill A Lunch Void Near City Hall

I was a little surprised at how much interest my post about the $8 lunch special at The Copper Barrel on Murray (btw. Broadway & Church) got from all of you lunch’ers. Then it was pointed out that there’s not much in that area for lunch, either good or bad, although if you go up to Chambers St. there are at least a few options. Most of those are fast food, though, and sometimes you just don’t want to order your meal by number. The sign outside gives no clue as to what the lunch special is, so I decided to step inside yet another dark bar in the middle of the day to find out.

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The Copper Barrel Breaks Out Mysterious Lunch Special

I spotted this sign outside The Copper Barrel on Murray St. (nr. Broadway). I have no idea what this lunch special is, and it’s not on their menu online, but it doesn’t really matter because there’s also nothing on there above $10. And they serve something called pork shanks in marsala sauce! Has anyone eaten here since it changed its name from KD Connelly’s or tried the lunch special?