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Seriously Protestors, Liberatos Pizza?!?

In case you missed this breaking news story the other day, it seems that newish pizza place Liberatos on Cedar St. has become the official food provider for all of those protestors messing up our commutes. The pizza place was chosen pretty randomly, but I am disappointed that there wasn’t a better decision made here. I mean, Liberatos is OK but Adrienne’s and Underground Pizza are so much better!  Although I guess when you’re spending your day sitting around and eating free pizza sent to you from some guy from another country, it all tastes pretty good.

Liberatos Pizza Has Solid Slices Made Better By Their Crust

There are so many pizza places downtown that I haven’t even begun to chip away at eating at all of them. While walking down Cedar St. between William and Pearl the other day I noticed a pizza place called Liberatos next to Pita Press and after deciding to go inside to take a look, couldn’t resist getting a couple of slices for research purposes. What I found was some decent pizza, and a great foundation.

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