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Lemongrass Grill Mysteriously Closes

It’s unclear when it happened, but Lemongrass Grill on William St. (at Maiden Lane) has shuttered. This was one of the fancier Thai places in the Financial District and was mostly out of Downtown Lunch price range, but they did have really good noodles (or was it soup?). This basically leaves Bennie’s Thai Cafe as the best Thai option for the $10 and under budget in this part of the FiDi.

What Lemongrass Grill Lacks In Lunch Specials, It Makes Up For In Mustard Greens

I’ve been burned by most of the Thai restaurants I’ve tried in the FiDi, but yet I am optimistic that maybe one of the places I haven’t yet tried will blow my mind. One of those places was Lemongrass Grill on William (at Maiden Lane), and after I discovered they had no lunch special I kind of wrote the place off. But then a craving for Thai hit me and I decided to take a walk up the street to see what they offered for the ML budget. Read more »