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Hana Morphs Into China 59, Still Serves Trio Of Asian Food

Yesterday I noticed a  brand new awning for China 59 on what was more recently Hana on Nassau St. (btw. Maiden Lane & John). A look at the Chinese and Thai menus shows they haven’t really changed much except the name, and you can get all of the usual suspects in a lunch special for $8 or $9 which is at the higher end of what I consider an acceptable amount to pay for pad thai/sesame chicken/beef teriyaki. I’m always wary of places that serve more than one type of food, but I guess it’s one stop shopping for the indecisive eater.

Hana’s Beef Stew Special Gives Asian Fusion A Good Name

Places that do Asian fusion food often serve mediocre food since they have enormous menus bouncing around between Japanese, Thai and/or Chinese. Hana on Nassau St. is a place I’ve walked by many, many times but never thought to go inside due to the fact that they have three separate menus for each of these cuisines and I just don’t have the patience to decide what I would want off of these. That problem was solved for me though when a handwritten sign appeared in the window one day promoting beef stew specials. I wasn’t exactly sure what an Asian place would do with this staple of my childhood, but I wanted to find out.

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