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Tips For Exploiting The Fro-Yo Bar At Duane Reade

dr fro yo

Apologies for once again writing about a food offering at Duane Reade, but after a surprisingly strong showing from the sushi counter at the Wall St. flagship I figured some people are viewing this drug store chain as a viable lunch option. They are slowly overtaking the Financial District with a giant new store opening on Broadway btw. Wall & Pine in part of the space that used to house Borders. A step inside immediately shows they’re really pushing the food here with a build-your-own salad bar, coffee bar and frozen yogurt/freezee station. I assumed the fro-yo was by-the-pound like most other places but to my surprise when I went to pay I discovered it was a set price for the two different sizes. This, of course, means you can and should cram as much into that cup as possible while still being able to get the lid on, which I tried to do yesterday.

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Trying The Handiwork Of Duane Reade’s “Sushi Chefs”

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When the Duane Reade flagship store opened its fancy-pants doors on Wall St. (btw. Nassau & William) I marveled at the fact that they had guys making sushi rolls a short stroll away from the pharmacy. Also on offer is a juice bar and various grab-and-go items as diverse as quinoa salad and Fat Witch brownies. The other day when the parade for the Giants made working in the Financial District something akin to hell, I didn’t want to have to walk far for lunch, and that’s when I decided to check out the sushi rolls sold by a drug store.

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Fancy New Duane Reade Gets Into The (Terrifying) Lunch Game

Yesterday I read about the huge and fancy new Duane Reade opening on Wall St. right above Milk St. Cafe and when I walked by the store was having its grand opening. The chain’s renovated locations have already gotten into convenience food, selling sandwiches, sushi and in some cases Korean food. While this was horrifying enough I was not prepared for the food within this new version. Read more »

Duane Reade Commits More Crimes Against Asian Food

While buying non-food related items in the Duane Reade at Fulton & Pearl I couldn’t resist seeing what they had in the prepared food section. Nestled next to some hummus and granola parfaits (and the infamous sushi), I spotted this veggie japchae. I was not willing to part with $5 to confirm that this is terrible, but apparently some other people were because there were only two containers of it  left. I can handle a drugstore selling crappy packaged sandwiches and yogurt, but where will they draw the line?