Screw Sandwiches—Get Yourself To Bluestone Lane For An Avocado Smash Toast

Finding Bluestone Lane Coffee‘s new location in the Financial District turned into an adventure involving a surly security guard and being on the wrong side of a wall. Thankfully it ended with me finding my new favorite light lunch option, for those days I can’t eat any more street meat. 

The address led me inside a normal office building near the New York Stock Exchange. I finally spotted Bluestone at the back of the lobby – past the security gate and a man who was not overly interested in letting me get lunch. He let me through but not until he told me that next time I should go in through the New St. entrance. While you can order from the Broad St. side, that’s reserved for those who work in the building. In the end I went back outside and walked around the block to the outside entrance.

bluestone toast

About that avocado smash toast ($6.50). It was carefully prepared by the delightful Aussie guy behind the counter (both people working  there hailed from Down Under) and handed to me a bit later. For now it’s the only lunch-like item on the menu although they do have baked goods which could be counted as a meal. I was told that they might add sandwiches to the menu at some point.

An avocado was lightly mashed and placed on a thick slice of multi-grain toast (the picture only shows half of what I got), sprinkled with salt and pepper and red pepper flakes and spritzed with lemon. I believe there was a bit of olive oil there too but that could have just been moisture from the avocado. Whatever ingredients were involved were delicious together and while I was full after eating the toast I didn’t feel gross. Plus, the price was low enough that you could also get a flat white and still come in around the $10 mark.

Despite the somewhat hidden location, word seems to have spread as all manner of locals and office workers came in for coffee while I was sitting there. There’s a Starbucks nearby on Broad St., but I’d say Bluestone Lane is worth the extra walk.

Bluestone Lane Coffee, 30 Broad St. (entrance on New St. near Exchange Pl.)


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