GRK’s Yogurt Bar Makes A Good Warm Weather Lunch

With warmer weather on the way, it’s time to look past hefty plates of rice and meat to lunches that won’t instantly put you in a food coma and aren’t a salad.

I’ve been meaning to check out the yogurt bar at GRK after loving the meats I’ve tried there. You can get not only frozen Greek yogurt, but fresh flown in from the mother country, with a host of sweet and savory toppings at your disposal.

For the same price as a plate of street meat you can get fancy yogurt for lunch, but should you?

You have a few choices to make when getting yogurt at GRK (while trying to ignore the spinning cones of meat before your eyes). First, there’s 2% frozen yogurt which comes in two sizes or you can get 2% or nonfat fresh Greek yogurt. You get to choose two toppings for either with the choice to add more for 75 cents each.

There’s only one size of fresh yogurt available and it comes to $5 with tax. It’s scooped into a small container and then you choose your two toppings. Although the savory selections of olive oil, basil and olives sounded intriguing, I went the sweet route with black cherry preserves and chopped almonds as my two toppings. There are many fresh and dried fruits, preserves and sauces available including the standby of honey and the unusual rose petal syrup.

The woman who put together my bowl did not skimp on the toppings. While I was eating it I wished I would have asked for less of the cherry preserves as the taste (although delicious with whole dark cherries galore) overwhelmed the actual yogurt. If you’re not necessarily a fan of the super tart Greek yogurt, this was fine and did not appear to be sweetened or flavored at all.

Anyway, I would definitely get this again as it was a somewhat filling light lunch when paired with something else. I could also see this being a great snack on a summer afternoon when fro-yo’s not cutting it.

GRK, 111 Fulton St. (btw. Nassau & William), (212) 385-2010


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