A Look At Trinidad & Tobago Cart’s Stew Chicken With Peas & Rice

It’s not often the starch is the star of the show at lunch time, but that’s what I found when getting one of the mini meals at the Trinidad & Tobago cart on Whitehall (btw. Bridge & Pearl). The cart has stayed in its regular spot despite the fact that many office buildings in the area are not open. Nio’s Trinidad Roti truck has started parking up Whitehall St. across from the Bowling Green subway station, but the cart drew me to it with a shorter line and promise of stew chicken.

I nearly ordered the curry goat, but wasn’t in the mood for gamey meat, and instead went with the small size stew chicken ($5.50) with peas and rice and spinach, topped with some of the hot sauce that I went nuts over when I got a roti from this cart. Basically, whatever you’re asked as your meal’s being dished up, you should just say “Yes.”

There wasn’t a weak link in this plate of food, although the stew chicken didn’t have a lot of flavor outside of the hot sauce. I really liked the cooked spinach that was super savory and the peas and rice was some of the best I’ve ever had. Sometimes this dish can be dry, but this was nicely flavored and moistened, likely with the gravy from the stew chicken.

The day I stopped by, business seemed a bit slow at the Trinidad & Tobago cart, likely because of all of the closed offices nearby. If you’re working in the area, stop by for a cheap lunch that will keep you full for the rest of the day.

Trinidad & Tobago Cart, Whitehall St. btw. Pearl & Bridge streets


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