Giving Bob & Jo’s Truck A Second Chance With Its Rice Plate

Back in May after the Bob & Jo Truck started parking in the Financial District one day a week, I had a bulgogi sandwich that had a lot going for it, but was marred by too-chewy baguette. I haven’t been back because there are about a million other trucks hitting the area these days that consistently serve delicious food. On Tuesday (when the truck parks on Hanover Sq.), although the siren song of the many taco trucks crowding the lower FiDi was strong, I instead headed to Bob & Jo where a line of people was ordering rice plate after rice plate. Perhaps trying a baguette sandwich at a Korean food truck had been too risky a venture and the meat over rice was where it was at.

I went with the spicy chicken over rice ($9) which comes with a pile of white basmati rice, a tiny bit of salad and an even tinier bit of kimchi. The chicken was in a dark red sauce that tasted of chili powder and had a slow-building heat to it and was topped generously with some sort of sweetish mayo concoction. Honestly, the entire time I was eating this I had to keep reminding myself that it was Korean food and not just a plate of chicken over Indian-style rice which was what the flavor profiles were like. I think it’s probably best to stick to the bulgogi or galbi here or perhaps the pork buns which I haven’t tried.

I’ve tried out similar offerings from Kimchi Taco and Big D’s Grub trucks and they seem to do the rice plates better. If you all disagree let us know what’s best to order at Bob & Jo.

Bob & Jo Truck, parking in the Financial District on Tuesdays, Soho on Wednesday, on Twitter and the Web


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