Korean Sandwiches At Bob & Jo Truck Are Refreshingly Uncomplicated

There are a lot of trucks selling Korean food fused with other cuisines like tacos, sliders and even falafel, so it was kind of refreshing when I looked at the menu at the Bob & Jo truck and saw that it was pretty straightforward. Yes, there are baguette sandwiches but otherwise you’ll find rice platters, bibimbap and japchae with traditional meats or vegetables. They’ve only recently been parking in the Financial District one day a week, usually on Tuesday at Coenties Slip & Water, with occasional forays into Soho but Midtown contributors have already extensively sampled the menu and since it looked pretty good I decided to give the truck an ML: Downtown review.

My first choice was the pork buns but they were sold out, and the bulgogi baguette was recommended by the guy taking my order so that’s what I got. All of the sandwiches are $7 for two halves and a handful of shrimp chips, or you can get one half for $3.50 if you’re not that hungry.

The bulgogi was supplemented by pickled daikon, some barely-pickled cucumber slices and a some sweet sauce. No complaints about the flavor of the meat or other filling, but the French baguette made eating this nearly impossible. The bread was so thick and chewy that you couldn’t even mash it down to fit it in your mouth so you got a bite with all of the elements in it. I ended up having to eat some of the meat out of it with a fork and then eating the sandwich when it was a little flatter.

I would go back to this truck for one of the rice platters, or for the japchae, but I’m not sure I’d do a sandwich again unless they switch up the bread.

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  • I agree! The bread was so hard and crusty it hurt my mouth and frankly there needs to be something much sifter to sop up all that grease and sauce from the meet. I’ll stick with the platters!

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