Heading Underground For Greek Food At Suspenders

If you’ve never been to Suspenders on Broadway (at Thames), or didn’t even know it existed, it’s because you have to walk down some stairs from street level, past a Subway sandwich shop and notice it before you get to an actual subway entrance. The bar and restaurant has no windows, but what it does have is a giant screen showing sports and Greek and Mediterranean food for less than $10.

If you work on the other side of Broadway and don’t want to walk over to Pita Press or eat some street meat gyro, Suspenders has your back. There are your standards of hummus, salads and baba ganoush on the menu but you can also get lamb or chicken souvlaki, halloumi or Greek meatballs called keftedes for less than $10. Each comes with a chopped salad with some tomato, black olives and a chunk of feta, six triangles of pita and a container of tzatziki sauce.

Some may grumble that the amount of food you get isn’t substantial enough, but essentially the keftedes is six mini burgers for $9. I kept with that theme by putting each one inside of a pita triangle and eating it that way with a bite of salad here and there. The patties were juicy and well-seasoned which I appreciated and the yogurt sauce is pleasantly tart but also a little chunky which initially threw me off.

You may not get as much food here as at Pita Press which calls its similar beef patties bifteki and also charges $9 for a platter, but I thought the meat especially was good. Stop by on your way to the subway!

Suspenders, 111 Broadway (nr. Thames), (212)732-5005



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