My Favorite Roll At Luke’s Lobster Is Also The Cheapest

With warm weather making guest appearances off and on lately, I’ve had lobster rolls on the brain and we are lucky to have more than one option for those in the Financial District. A few weeks ago I attended the Village Voice’s Choice Eats event and eating shrimp rolls from Luke’s Lobster and Red Hook Lobster Pound reminded me that these things are delicious and also, why have I not written about the one from Luke’s on this on the site yet? Also a fact: Luke’s Lobster’s shrimp roll is the only non-soup item on the menu for less than $10.

Even if you get the roll in a combo with a bag of chips and soda, it’s still only $10, but I decided to stick with just the shrimp roll. I happened to eat here on a nice day and took my shrimp roll across the street where I could pretend that I wasn’t surrounded by large buildings and concrete. Like the other two roll options, there’s the standard buttered and toasted roll with a swipe of mayo on the inside. Otherwise, there was a pile of chilled sweet shrimp with a touch of seasoning and nothing else. Delicious. I could eat one of these every day for lunch if I didn’t think about things such as cholesterol.

If you want to eat at Luke’s but don’t have the cash to shell out for a lobster roll, this will do you right.

Luke’s Lobster, 26 S. William St. (nr. Broad), (212) 747-1700, on the Web


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