Breakfast At The Turkish Coffee Cart: Rocket Fuel & Burek

turkish cart

It’s rare that I eat breakfast anywhere but at home since I get to work at a non-early hour, but the other day I happened to be in need of both coffee and something to eat. What to do? Finally check out the Turkish Coffee Cart on Wall St. (btw. Pearl & Water), that’s what.

turkish breakfast

Other than a sign advertising Turkish coffee for $2.50, this cart looks like any other selling doughnuts and bagels. However, if you stop on the right day they have burek in both meat and cheese varieties ($4) or baklava for $2 a piece. When I stopped by, there was no baklava to be had although I was told they would have some Tuesday. Then offhand I was told there was “Turkish pie” to be had with either ground meat or cheese within, and I later got clarification that it was burek.¬† A generous square was heated and placed in a bag for me along with my coffee.

burek resize

The burek was a little different than kinds I’ve had before which were sort of like a savory turnover. This version was harder to eat with your hands and contained lightly spiced ground beef¬† within pastry and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. It was good, if a little bland.

Might I suggest a cup of the Turkish coffee if you’re dealing with a hangover? I got mine black and it was a jolt to the system, although you can also get it with milk and sugar.

The cart is there through lunchtime, so there’s no reason the burek and baklava can’t serve as a light lunch or snack.

Turkish Coffee Cart, Wall St. btw. Pearl & Water, there for breakfast and into the afternoon



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    Did you enjoy the coffee like you had it? I drink my coffee without cream or sugar normally, but I’m convinced that greek/turkish is better with a little sugar.

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      I like my coffee black unless it’s bad coffee. This was really strong, so some people may need some milk or sugar to tame it down.

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