Grandaisy’s Panino Greco Is One Virtuous Lunch

Sometimes one too many lunches of greasy meat + starch leaves me actually craving vegetables or just anything that won’t leave me feeling gross come 1 p.m. I’d always meant to hit up Grandaisy Bakery, of which there are two locations in the downtown area, and that was what I immediately thought of towards the end of last week after I’d eaten this and this during the previous week. I headed to the shop on W. Broadway (at 6th Ave.) to try a sandwich since I already knew their Roman-style pizza was awesome.

The Tribeca location wasn’t busy at prime lunch time so I was in and out in about three minutes since all of the sandwiches are pre-made (but aren’t sitting in a refrigerated case). I went with a panino greco ($7.50) which was marinated chickpeas, pickled onion, arugula and Greek skordalia on some awesome bread that was nice and moist due to what I’m guessing is olive oil (as it should be since they’re a bakery). That’s right folks, this is as close to eating a straight-up salad as I’m likely to get on this site.

It’s not a massive sandwich but to me the point of eating this is to not feel like you do after downing a parm hero. Grandaisy is a vegetarian luncher’s dream, too as only two of the sandwiches they sell contain meat. You’re likely better off saving $1 and going meatless.

And if eating things between bread isn’t your cup of tea, you can always pick up a couple of slices of pizza and call it a day.

Grandaisy Bakery, 250 W. Broadway (at 6th Ave.), (212) 334-9435; 73 Sullivan St. (btw. Spring & Broome), (212) 334-9435



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    I love their sandwiches. I always pick up something from them when they set up their table at the Fulton Stall Market on Sundays. My favorite is the goat cheese, beets & arugula sandwich.

    I usually pick up one of their wonderful loaves of bread to take home too.

  • Yes this is a very delicious sandwich, but it barely quenches my appetite. Leaves me a little hungry at the end.

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