Gyro House Cart’s Combo Plate Sneaks In Some Extra Veggies

I’ve always wondered how the lamb/chicken over rice combo ($6) was at the Gyro House cart parked at Ann St. & Park Row. You can’t help but smell it every time you head to J&R Electronics, which it is parked directly in front of. I’d have to say after eating it that there were two things going on in their combo over rice that you’ll probably either love or hate.

As you can see above the flattop there are a bunch of peppers and heads of broccoli. And on the actual griddle there was a pile of onions, peppers and broccoli being chopped up with the meats. So basically, you’re going to get some bonus veggies intermingling with the meat which I kind of liked but I’m guessing some of you would not. This seems to be a cart with a lot of regulars who actually ask for no salad, as the two people in front of me did. I wonder what they think of the bonus vegetables?

The added vegetables are the first controversy, and the second was the white sauce. There’s the distinct flavor of dill in there which is nice because it’s not just straight mayo, but a little strange.The hot sauce was pretty strong so beware if you’re not a fan of a lot of spice.

I really loved this plate of street meat despite the two above oddities. The chicken was nice and juicy and the gyro meat was crispy from the griddle. You get a ton of meat and the rice was really flavorful and not dry at all. If you’re ever picking up some electronics, I’d recommend giving this cart a try.

Gyro House Cart, corner of Ann St. & Park Row


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