OBAO Noodles Opening In FiDi Instead Of Rhong Tiam?!

I’m not sure what happened between May and now but that empty jewelry shop on the corner of Water & Coenties Slip that was reportedly going to be a third location of Rhong Tiam now has a different restaurant opening in it. A walk by on Friday revealed signs saying that OBAO noodles and BBQ was “coming soon.” But wait, that’s not Rhong Tiam! Anyway…there’s a location of OBAO in midtown and they serve a mix of noodles, Vietnamese and Thai food so it’s not all bad news. Zach seemed a little confused by a certain soup they were serving back in 2009 but he did concede that it was good.


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    Such a joke.. No RhongTaim or no Michael Bao ..the owner is Pakistan bangladesh… His name is shohil, no eat pork. Good luck
    Please try curry pho with goat broth or vindaloo pad thai

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