Going Vegetarian At Meat-Centric Pita Press Isn’t A Bad Decision

When you walk into Pita Press - the Greek rotisserie on Cedar St. (btw. William & Pearl), one of the first things you see is chunks of lamb and beef slowly turning behind glass doors. Next to that is a grill where chicken souvlaki skewers cook. To say that this place focuses on meats may be an understatement. Why then, would I go in and order the vegetarian option on the menu? Well, sometimes I get meat fatigue and the words “zucchini feta fritters” called to me.

Not only does Pita Press have a vegetarian option – they also cater to vegans with their tomato mint fritters that come with fava bean dip and skip the tzatziki. While I’m sure this is tasty and all, I wanted a pita sandwich with fried balls of vegetables and cheese inside.

The zucchini and feta fritter pita ($6.75) is akin to a sandwich you’d find at the Souvlaki GR Truck where it’s more of a flatbread wrapped around the fillings rather than the bread split open and everything placed inside. Also, get any comparisons to falafel out of your head because on first bite you’ll see the consistency is more mushy which makes sense since the fritter is made of a soft vegetable and cheese.

The two orbs in the sandwich were still hot and glistening with oil meaning they weren’t just sitting in a steam tray in the back somewhere. It was a little disconcerting to have the feta completely melted inside, but that’s what happens when you deep fry it! If you don’t like the flavor of fresh mint then this is not the sandwich for you because other than the feta that was what I could taste the most. The fritters were accompanied by tomato slices, red onion, a bit of lettuce and a great tzatziki that lightened the whole sandwich. If you’re sick of falafel this would be a good alternative.

I’m not sure why the vegetarian option is the same price as most of the souvlaki, lamb and beef sandwiches but I guess that’s what you get when going meatless in a house of meat.

Pita Press, 25 Cedar St. (btw. William & Pearl), (212) 344-9737, pitapress.com


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  • I wonder, has any over ever had just a regular lamb/beef pita from here? The platters are good but I’ve always wondered if you get a decent amount of lamb in the pitas.

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