Biryani House Spawns Curry Cart Next Door

We have plenty of street meat options downtown but they’re pretty much all one-cart operations. That was why I was at first confused, and then excited when I saw that the Biryani House cart that has brought kati rolls and biryani to the Financial District added a second cart next door with an all-curry menu. A quick chat with the guy working there revealed they’ve been there for a couple of days and serve Kashmiri curries so it’s a completely different menu from the regular cart that sells everything from hot dogs to chicken tikka. As he so eloquently put it “they serve dry curries and ours are wet.” OK then!

The day I was there they had vegetable, chicken and tilapia curries and I was told eventually they’ll have a goat variety. On recommendation I ordered the chicken curry ($6)¬†and got really hungry as I saw what was being ladled into my container.

If you’re afraid of spicy food, don’t worry – while this has plenty of spice it’s by no means hot. The primary flavor is turmeric but I’m not going to try to guess what else was used.

Thankfully it was dark meat chicken without bones. There’s nothing worse than going to a street cart and finding their chicken is white breast meat which usually means it’s dry.

The rice is the same pulao variety found at the original cart and it’s still good. I was pretty happy when I discovered this new cart addition to the Liberty St. line up, and even more so when I tasted the food. If you’re not in the mood for kati rolls, you might want to walk two feet over to the cart with no line and give the curries a chance.

Biryani House Curry cart, Liberty St. (at Broadway)


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