A Case Of Kati Roll Envy Leads To Bombay Biryany

We have so many great food options downtown (yes, really!) that it’s rare I have envy for whatever new options pop up in midtown or other parts of the city. Last week Kati Roll Co. in midtown debuted a new roll and it looked delicious. I wanted one, but since that wasn’t going to happen at lunch time I decided to use what I had at my disposal and head over to Liberty Plaza and get my kati roll fix from the Bombay Biryany cart. Would this fulfill my craving for an Indian burrito? 

I had tried their biryani several months ago and found it edged out the competition over at the Biryani House Cart. The kati rolls are cheaper than the competition, too, at two for $5. Would that extra dollar mean a sacrifice in quality?

My first thought was that the rolls were on the small side – about the width of the small paper bag they were in. The ones from Biryani House were larger but I think that was just because the paratha they used was wider.

This was what the chicken kati roll looked like when it was unwrapped. I got one chicken and one lamb and they each had lettuce and some random peppers along with hot and white sauces in them. The first thing I noticed was that the paratha had been nicely crisped on the grill and yet it didn’t incinerate my hand with hot oil and wasn’t greasy at all.The chicken was pretty bland so if you go this route you might want to get hot sauce to liven it up a bit.

Or you could just get lamb – the definite winner out of the two rolls. It was the standard lamb gyro but it had way more flavor than the chicken, as most salty, fatty meats tend to.

I was fairly full after eating both rolls and you can’t go wrong with paying $5 for lunch. It’s a nice change of pace having your street meat in delicious flaky paratha rather than pita or over rice.

Bombay Biryany cart, Broadway (at Liberty)


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    I went soon after they first opened and had a great chicken kati roll. Both the chicken and the paratha were very well done. I went back a second time a few weeks later and there was hardly a piece of edible chicken in the roll. Haven’t been back since.

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