Trying The Only Non-Chicken Option At Backyard Chicken

There are some days when I head out with a specific lunch destination in mind, but sometimes those intentions get derailed. And that’s how I ended up with a lunch that had far more vegetables in it than I’m used to eating. Backyard Chicken has been around for a while, and in a previous review the chicken did not get rave reviews. But what about its other offering of salmon (which said review questioned who would ever order it)? Could it be a hidden gem waiting to be found?

I waited in line in front of several chickens hanging out in a little rotisserie. This seems to be the main draw here (obviously), but I noticed they also had salmon on the menu at the semi-bargain price of $7 with two or three sides. I wasn’t sure about the wishy-washy number of sides, but the salmon looked good enough sitting in its little tray that I ordered it.

The sides were a tough one. They were out of mac and cheese and the other options were mostly vegetables and two kinds of potatoes. In went some mashed potatoes with gravy, and then I got some spinach and at the counter man’s urging, some asparagus. (It looked better than the broccoli…shudder).

The first couple of bites of the salmon made me wonder if I had made a terrible mistake. Then I got to the part that was seasoned with some sort of spice blend and then my mouth started to tingle. This wasn’t bland steamed salmon, but some sort of cajun style, and it was better than I expected it to be. By the time I finished this meal (well, except for the spinach that was cold and bland), I was full and felt like I was eating something marginally healthy. I’ll just ignore the gravy and the butter mixture on the asparagus.

Would I got out of my way for this? Nope, but if you like fish and work around here it’s worth a try.

Backyard Chicken, 241 Pearl St. (btw. John and Fulton), (212) 406-6600


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