Does Mudville 9 Have The Best Wings In The City?

There’s been a conversation in the forums over who serves the best wings in the city, and lo and behold, Mudville 9′s name was tossed around. The beer-centric bar on Chambers St. (btw. Church & W. Broadway) is packed at lunchtime with people gnawing on wings and eating the occasional burger. Oh, and when I was there nearly everyone was also enjoying an adult beverage. None of this screamed “we serve amazing wings,” but the only way to find out was to place an order and get my hands dirty.

I decided to get takeout, which you order at a little window in the back. I passed the time by watching everyone eat their wings and wondering if anyone had ordered the Wing Ding, which is $24.95 per person for all you can eat wings, fries and pitchers of beer for two hours. This sounds like a risky proposition, and probably not the best idea during a workday unless you really want to get fired.

There are four combo specials on the menu if you’re dining solo and don’t want to break the $10 mark. Otherwise, if you just want wings, you can get 10 for $8.25. I went with the five wings and fries deal ($6.95), because all of the other ones involved salad as a side, and who wants that? It’s like ordering a Diet Coke with a Big Mac at McDonald’s.

Anyway, I took my food and went to eat on a park bench, which is a gamble when eating wings but it was too nice out to eat inside. This brings me to my main complaint, which is: WHY DID YOU ONLY GIVE ME ONE NAPKIN, MUDVILLE 9? Seriously, the napkin was old news after eating two wings and I had to scavenge in my purse for some more.

The wings were good, with four actual wings and one drummie and all but one had a decent amount of meat on it. They weren’t as crispy as I’d like, but that may have had something to do with the annoying plastic takeout container they and the fries were put in. The sauce I got was called Buffalo Wow, and although advertised as hotter than the normal Buffalo variety, it was not that spicy but my tolerance is high.

The fries are the kind that are coated with seasoning, so if you’re not a fan of that variety you probably will not like these. I would have to say that they were really crispy and plentiful, but I would have rather had the plain variety.

If you work in the area, you can’t go wrong with digging into some wings every once in a while here, and maybe debating whether you’re eating some of the city’s best wings. Throw in a beer and you can pretend that you’re not escaping work for an hour.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • They have solid pub grub…and plenty of beer to go with it.
  • The wings are good and they have some decent specials to come in under the $10 mark.

THE — (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Takeout is a little slow, and I’d rather just go up the street to Checkers for wings.
  • I don’t want to have to go in a bar to get my lunch.
  • If you’re a hearty eater, it’s hard to come out under $10.

Mudville 9, 126 Chambers St. (btw. Church & W. Broadway), (212) 964-9464


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