Grazing My Way Through Lunch At The Fulton Stall Market

There are some days where you may want to eat a $15 lobster roll or $1 pork and chive dumplings for lunch. But other times it’s good to just graze your way through lunch, and what better way to do that than at an outdoor market?

Every Wednesday from noon to 6 p.m. the Fulton Stall Market holds court on South Street (btw. Beekman & Fulton St. at the old Fulton Fish Market). There were only a handful of vendors on hand when I got there for a late lunch, but more are expected to be added in coming weeks. I wandered over to see if I could construct a reasonable lunch for $10 or under from the vendors. Buttery, flakylunch goodness after the jump.

Some vendors were not ideal for lunching purposes (spices, lavender, coffee to benefit autism), and I sadly did not see a stand selling ice cream as I had hoped on a hot day. What I did find was baked goods, pickles, bread products, and then the most lunch-compatible stand of them all.

Yona’s Gourmet Delights was there with a giant table of mini-quiche, borekas, mini-hot dogs wrapped in the same dough as the bourekas and hummus, as well as brownies and baklava. Oh yeah, this was the mother lode.

The mini borekas were$1.50 each or 4 for $5 and the four to choose from (five if you include the hot dog version) included spinach, mushroom, potato and four-cheese. What can I say except that I believe any filling goes well in a buttery, flaky crust, but the mushroom and spinach were the best. Those babies were still hot, too. The hot dog was tasty enough, but again, what’s not to like about a sausage wrapped in dough?

I sampled the homemade hummus she had sitting out and it was tasty, with a tub costing $3 (there was original and sun-dried tomato). This, coupled with some bread from the Bread Alone stand next door, would make a tasty lunch. Oh, and she’s very generous with the samples too: in the five minutes I was there she asked me three times if I’d tried the hummus.

I couldn’t leave without having something sweet, and wandered over to a stand selling baked goods from Sweet Tallulah and olive oil. The organic, gluten-free cookies I bought were more for the fact that they were 2 for $1 and not that I care much about either of those things.

This is what I wish I would have bought. Oh, I will be back for you brownies and baklava!

So, if you’re in a mood to eat a bunch of little things and cobble a lunch together on a Wednesday, or just need a good afternoon snack, this is a good place to do it. Or, you could be a freeloader and just go for the samples.

Fulton Stall Market, South St. (btw. Beekman & Fulton St.), Wednesdays from noon to 6 p.m.


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