Lunch Dream Come True: Vendys Putting Together Downtown Pushcart Market

Dine Around Downtown Lunch Festival

Here’s some big news before a long weekend – the Street Vendor Project (the organization behind the Vendy Awards) is putting together a Pushcart Market on Park Place btw. B’way+Church Streets Friday, June 11th from 10am to 6pm. The event will bring together vendors from all over the city in a way that’s never been done before (no tube socks at this street fair!) The cross-borough food line up is mind boggling (if you wanted to, you could easily get breakfast, lunch and dinner there!) and it includes Vendy nominees and a Midtown street food legend.

Check out the temporary list of vendors, after the jump…

Vendors from all over New York City and beyond will be participating, including Vendy Award finalist Meru Sikder and the Biriyani Cart; Jamaican jerk and grilled fish will make an appearance from Vendy nominee Fauzia Abdur-Rahman from the Bronx’s Heavenly Delights cart. Cinnamon Snail from New Jersey will bring vegan and vegetarian food as well as desserts and there will be organic ice cream from Guerrilla Gourmet.

The list isn’t completely finalized but the pushcart market will also include some vendors selling things like art, clothes and jewelry while some of the subway performers will provide entertainment. The last hour of the event, from 5 to 6 p.m. will be a sort of after work snack hour, although I’m guessing there won’t be a beer cart.

Two pairs of tickets for the Vendys on Sept. 25 at Governor’s Island are also going to be raffled off, for those of you who are procrastinators and haven’t bought your tickets. This thing is still evolving, so we’ll bring you updates as we find out more of the vendors. I don’t know about everyone else, but I plan on wearing my fat pants on June 11.


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