Chinatown’s Wah Mei Fast Food Will Deliver Pork Chops to Midtown

Mai Wah Pork Chop Fast Food

I’m a huge fan of the newish NYC Cravings truck, which serves Taiwanese style pork chops and fried chicken over rice and pork sauce with pickled cabbage two days a week in Midtown.  But not everybody agrees with me.  There are those who claim it’s not nearly as good as the places in Chinatown, to which I’ve always said: “well, we’re not in Chinatown!”  And even though most of us don’t have the time to trek down to Chinatown for Taiwanese pork chops,  it looks like Chinatown will actually bring pork chops to us!  Got this email from Lunch’er Teresa yesterday:

Just an FYI, my co-workers and I just had lunch delivered from Wah Mei Pork Chop Fast Food (on Hester btw. Baxter & Mulberry.) It was a success.  You just need to order at least 4 items, and do it by 11am, and apparently they will deliver ANYWHERE in Manhattan.  (My office is on 52nd and 7th).

Their “order”, with prices, is after the jump…

I ordered Pork Chop Over Rice ($4.50) and I added an egg for $0.45. My hungry male co-workers got Pork Chop Over Rice with a side of egg ($0.45) and Fried Chicken Leg ($1.95). One co-worker got Chicken Leg Over Rice ($4.50) and ordered a side of pork chop ($1.95) and egg. I also had co-workers who ordered the salted vegetable & shredded pork w/noodle in soup ($4.50), Chicken Leg and Noodle Soup ($4.50), and Shredded Pork with Hot Vegetable Over Rice ($4.50). Everything looked good! We received our food at 12:10pm. The total for 9 people was $55.35. We gave the delivery guy (who biked from Chinatown) $68. It was an awesome deal.  No more Cravings Truck for us!

Well, that’s a game changer.

Mei Wah Pork Chop Fast Food, 140 Hester St. (btw. Baxter+Mulberry), 212-925-6428 [MENU PDF]



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