Old City Flatbreads from Silence Dogood’s

photo via Facebook

Unfortunately, I find myself assuming restaurants on Market Street in Old City are guilty (of being lame) before proven innocent. Something about the cheesiness of being ushered in along with a few underwhelming experiences. Silence Dogood opened on Market Street in April without much fanfare/press and I was of course, skeptical. The pub is also associated with the Big Red Pedal Tours- that bike powered roving bar that I have never known anyone to use.  But while ordering a flew of flat breads for my group, I was told they make their own ricotta and my hope rose like dough.

Polpettini (meatballs, provolone- $11)

Quatro (mozz, parm, prov, ricotta- $9)

Shroom (portabellas, bechamel- $9)

The pizza-like flatbreads are sliced in to about 10 pieces, making sharing quite easy. That housemade ricotta ended up making the Quatro my favorite choice, but the ingredients in each combo and the blistered thin crusts were enjoyed by all.

Other surprises included a commitment to the community, the nice beer list, and great service. They even re-heated a flatbread when a friend arrived late. During lunch, the margherita is $5 (and the real steal is happy hour where ALL flatbreads are $5).

Silence Dogood’s Tavern, 216 Market Street, 215.923.1400



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