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Lunches Philly Needs from New Orleans Part 2

A few years ago I pulled off a whirlwind food exploration of New Orleans as a total newb. This weekend, I took another trip (#popecation). Older and wiser, I sipped carefully balanced, bitters topped cocktails instead of sloppy plastic goblets of sweet hurricanes. As for food, I still like to stick to the cheap, authentic gems that feed locals.

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Lunch Links (The “Mega Wawa” Edition)

  • The fall menu for Morgan’s Pier has a whole lot of veggie options [Foobooz]
  • Gavin’s Cafe is not my favorite, but this photos are lovely [Ted Nghiem]
  • A fancy ice cream vending machine on Washington Ave [Foobooz]
  • The Super Wawa is open and serving things like horseradish beef over a bed of mashed potatoes [Zagat]

Katsu Curry at Terakawa

Photo Courtesy of Ramen via Yelp 

On my first visit to Terakawa Ramen, I enjoyed  the signature ramen and the chicken katsu appetizer but did not love the other ramen styles of the tempura shu mai.  That visit was back in 2012 and it was time to revisit.

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A Road Trip to Souderton, PA for BBQ

It’s completely normal to travel over an hour in the South for good BBQ. But in the North East, we don’t really do that.  I would guess it is mostly we are spoiled with a lot of great food options within a mile radius. I stumbled upon Jesse’s Barbecue and Local Market while looking for a substantial meal the day after a friends wedding in Landsdale.

Jesse’s seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere (sorry, Soudertonians), but it was love at first sight, with the wooden shack to order from and smokers just beyond the seating area.

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Lunch Links (The “Post Festival Exhaustion” Edition)

  • Can you find me in this Street Fare photo recap? [Philly Mag]
  • Breaded chicken in an Italian sandwich is possible at Taproom on 19th [Philly Weekly]
  • Really lovely pictures of Southgate [Foobooz]
  • Some tempting details to get you excited for Rooster Soup [Zagat]

Street Fare: I Get to Bring My Food Truck Favorites to Mt. Airy Tonight

What’s better than all the best food trucks and live music on a Thursday? Those things + me. Maybe you know this, maybe you don’t- I work for a non profit and today is the big event I have been working on for months, the Mt. Airy Street Fare. So, if you are anywhere in Philly, you should come! I hand picked the trucks after all.

Complaining about the lines? Don’t be a loser. Grab 3 friends, get beer, split up in to groups of 2 so you have someone to chat with on the line, order enough for the 4 of you and share.

Look what I am going to do for you- an annotated guide to all 50 trucks!

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Octopus Balls over Tea Balls

There have been a lot of new bubble tea places popping up in Chinatown and I am not into it. While I do like tea, and appreciate a good tea shop, I’d rather the spaces be occupied by something else. Mostly, I am just not a bubble tea person. I was when I was a kid, but now I find the chewy tapioca balls in my tea just get in my way. (The one exception is the yogurt popping bobba, but this place says they do not carry it)

So I was walking towards one of the newest shops- Vivi Bubble Tea and didn’t think much of it. But then a hot dog caught my eye. The drink menu behind the counter also had a small section of snacks.

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