Katsu Curry at Terakawa

Photo Courtesy of Ramen via Yelp 

On my first visit to Terakawa Ramen, I enjoyed  the signature ramen and the chicken katsu appetizer but did not love the other ramen styles of the tempura shu mai.  That visit was back in 2012 and it was time to revisit.


I had intended on trying a ramen again, but the photos of the Japanese curries were too tempting. I love GO GO Curry in NYC and was hoping for something similar. Since I had recalled enjoying the katsu as an appetizer, I went with that as my curry protein. All curries come with a side salad, rice, and the curry mixture. If you have never had Japanese curry, it is quite different from other styles- no cumin, its sweet and thick and made with a pureed vegetable mixture. What I like about the curry is the complex flavor, its hard to pinpoint what you are tasting. This version though, did not have that complexity. It was lacking both the sweetness and saltiness that I was hoping for.

Where do you go for good Japanese curry in Philly?

Terakawa Ramen, 204 N 9th St,  215-666-6636


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  • Are you sure about the cumin? Maybe that’s what you’re having trouble pinpointing… ;)

    On an unrelated note, is there going to be a Pope themed, or at least Pope baby themed, entry?

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