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Lunches Philly Needs from New Orleans Part 2

A few years ago I pulled off a whirlwind food exploration of New Orleans as a total newb. This weekend, I took another trip (#popecation). Older and wiser, I sipped carefully balanced, bitters topped cocktails instead of sloppy plastic goblets of sweet hurricanes. As for food, I still like to stick to the cheap, authentic gems that feed locals.

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Dickey’s Barbecue Pit on South Street

At the end of February, Philly’s South Street saw the arrival of Texas BBQ chain Dicky’s.  When I walked in the staff was really friendly and attentive to all customers, some real southern hospitality to set the mood. The small space clearly has a fast food vibe to it,  so it was hard to be super optimistic about what sort of bbq they were packaging up for our to-go order. On the other hand, Dickey’s has its Texas roots and some smokers in the back.  There are 9 types of meat on Dicky’s menu. We sampled 4 and found a clear winner.

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Ol’ Boy’s Soul Food Restaurant Fried Chicken Platter

Ol’ Boys Soul Food Restaurant opened in the summer of 2013 in an area that looks a little neglected- I say this because we parked next to an abandoned house whose first floor was covered in garbage. I can’t say I have done too much dining around the 60th and Locust area. But that might change now. Obviously from the name, I knew to expect soul food and to probably not expect a salad.  I also couldn’t not think about the beloved, and very violent Korean movie that Spike Lee remade last year (see the original, please).

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Lunches Philly Needs from the South: Atlanta

My favorite little sister moved to Atlanta for grad school this year. I got to visit her recently, and was able to rekindle my love for fattening, Southern food. Philly has so much to offer, but we really haven’t nailed that Southern thing yet.

This first picture was taken at The Silver Skillet (200 14th St NW), which looks essentially like how I picture all old Southern diners.

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Lunches Philly Needs from Nashville

Hey ya’ll, I just got back from visiting Nashville, TN for the first time. Most of my itinerary was based around eating and Jack Daniels. Philly could learn a few things from Nashville dining; for example, did you know mac and cheese is a vegetable?

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Reading Terminal’s Newest Fried Chicken Addition/Addiction : KeVen Parker Soul Food Cafe

Today Luncher John forgets about calorie counting and checks out the fried fare at the new soul food spot in Reading Terminal

Last year’s demise of Delilah’s at Reading Terminal Market left a temporary void in soul food cuisine at the market. Fortunately for everyone, the KeVen Parker Soul Food Café now capably addresses the craving for good soul food. Opening up in January with a sleek, modern look in the exact same spot vacated by Delilah’s, the Soul Food Cafe takes up where its predecessor left off. KeVen Parker owns Ms. Tootsie’s on South Street, which is famed for its fried chicken, and he brings many of the same menu favorites to Reading Terminal.

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Southern Lunch at Rex 1516

Rex 1516 is one of the under a year old spots turning the west of Broad side of South Street into a place worth coming to for eating purposes and not just drag shows. The menu is Southern influenced. I was invited to try the lunch menu, with entrees that hover around $10 for lunch. Despite the South’s reputation for heavy, not so healthy dining, plates like the blackened tacos or grilled turkey sandwich allow for a less caloric experience.  Inside the ambience is relaxed, especially during lunch. I like the exposed brick and rustic chandeliers. I sipped a Coronado orange wit beer while waiting for my meal, which didn’t take long at all to come out.

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