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Lunch Links (The “Keep On Trucking” Edition)

  • A campaign to protest legislation that would limit food truck vending in University City actually worked [Foobooz]
  • How do we feel about cone pizza? [The Insider]
  • Distrito did a bit of a makeover, with what looks like ceviche shots [Philly Weekly]
  • A gluten free take out window is attaching to Pure Fare [Be Well Philly]

1st Ward Eclectic Sandwiches Don’t Have to Have a Theme

1st Ward opened this June at Front and Morris with a menu of about a dozen sandwiches and some sides. With a few seats inside, a few seats outside- it’s a welcoming, streamlined operation. I was pretty impressed at the diversity on the small sandwich menu and the fact that I probably could have been happy eating any of them.

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Lunch Links (The “Bulgogi Scallion Pancake-adillas” Edition)

  • Want to taste Bon Appetit’s Dish of the Year? You don’t have to go far- Dizengoff’s hummus took the honor this year [The Insider]
  • An Asian food court may be coming to Chinatown! [Meal Ticket]
  • Scratch Biscuit’s have reworked their sandwich biscuits, more incentive for me to finally get over there [Foobooz]
  • Can someone make me this bulgogi, scallion pancake, quesadilla? [Serious Eats]

Al Pastor and DIY Margaritas at Los Jimenez in Super South Philly

This Spring, Los Jimenez opened in super South Philly by a seasoned chef and Mexican native. Getting there from non-South Philly parts of the city is a shlep. But for people dedicated to trying all the top tacos in the city, it seems like one of those spots you just have to get to. This is probably one of the smallest taco spots in the city. Largely for take- out, there are a few tables to sit and savor. The staff doesn’t mind.

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I Ate all the Creamed Chipped Beef at Mrs. K’s Koffee Shop

While new “hot” restaurants are a constant in all parts of Philly, Mrs. K’s Coffee Shop has been truckin in Old City since the 60′s, according to the menu, and is as not “hot” as it gets, according to my eyes.

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Lunch Links (The “Same Reviews for Same Same” Edition)

  • I don’t always love kale salad, but this blurb on Hibiscus Cafe piqued my interest in the rest of their menu [Phila Weekly]
  • Andy’s Chicken in Fishtown has a menu [Foobooz]
  • I’ve been wondering what all that construction at the former Crumbs location on 18th St was all about, a vegan Latin bar is coming [The Insider]
  • Craig Laban and Brian Freedman have good things to say about Same Same- both agreeing the more expensive than average banh mi is worth it

Late to the honeygrow Train

In 2012, Luncher John reported on the newly opened honeygrow and was relatively satisfied by the noodles and fruit bowls, but not enthused about the lines. While the crowds seem to still favor Honeygrow, they are a bit more manageable now, which meant it was finally time for me to check it out. I have passed by countless times, smelling good things, but being skeptical of the concept.

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