I Ate all the Creamed Chipped Beef at Mrs. K’s Koffee Shop

While new “hot” restaurants are a constant in all parts of Philly, Mrs. K’s Coffee Shop has been truckin in Old City since the 60′s, according to the menu, and is as not “hot” as it gets, according to my eyes.

Dine inside at the counter or at a sidewalk table.

Open until 3:30pm daily, breakfast is always on the table.  I got one of the heartier, more expensive, and, probably according to some, one of the grosser items on the menu- creamed chipped beef ($7.95). The salty white gravy and  “chips” of questionable “beef” are served on 3 slices of toast. The bland hashbrowns on the side perked up with the help of that salty gravy. The combination of low brow elements is both appalling and satisfying at the same time.

It was sort of like shame eating. I ate the whole plate, with a feeling of illness and accomplishment immediately following.

Where do you go for your S.O.S. fix?

Mrs. K’s Koffee Shop, 325 Chestnut St, 215 627-7991



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