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Stick to Fried Chicken Tacos at Shifty’s

Shifty’s Tacos opened recently in Brewerytown with a small menu of tacos and a few sides. Order at the counter and you can sit at the tables inside or outside at a sort of wooden bar you can stand at (and bring your pet). Tacos (3 per order) range from $5 to $8 dollars.

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Lunch Links (The “Bacon Cheesecake in Old City” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Nick’s via The Insider

  • Rybrew on Girard provides a “reliably good sandwich” [Phila Weekly]
  • Laotian sausages at Vientiane Cafe look divine [Penn Appetit]
  • So does this bacon cheesecake at Nick’s Roast Beef [The Insider]
  • Thrillist has decided on its favorite 8 food trucks in the city [Thrillist]

Lets Play a Rename Game (but keep the recipe): Soup Kitchen Cafe’s Meatloaf Sandwich

I don’t really love that they named their restaurant Soup Kitchen Cafe.  To me, this name for-profit cafe it seems to be making light of the locations that provide desperately needed food to hungry people who can’t afford it. I get that soup is a big draw here, but you could incorporate “soup” in to your name so many other creative ways right?

  • Souper Duper Cafe
  • Souperior Kitchen
  • Soupbliminal Cooking and Friends

I am going assume that was not their intention at all, and let it slide, especially since I was really happy with my lunch there. The owner seems like a nice guy. And its a good thing that Soup Kitchen Cafe is bringing comfort food to a developing part of Philly.

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Overstuffed Buffalo Chicken Wraps at Wrap Shack

I was never really sure what Wrap Shack’s deal was. They like to advertise Long Island iced tea pitchers and have a full bar. But they also have about a million different kinds of affordable wraps plus outdoor seating close to Rittenhouse Square.  It was time to shack it out.

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Free Lunch Tomorrow: The Insider reports that tomorrow Circles in Northern Liberties will be offering free food from noon til 2pm so shoecase the new lunch menu.  The pork satay with bacon and the kimchee ramen with steak sound particularly good.

Pork by the Pound at Freddy and Tony’s

On a pork mission, the greatest type of all missions, I went northwards to Freddy and Tony’s Restaurant, a Puerto Rican staple established in 1980. Inside, the multiple Puerto Rican flags and wood paneling assure you won’t mistake this place for anything its not.

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Lunch Links (The “McEverything” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of BuzzFeed

  • High Street is open and ready to serve you fresh baked goods [Foobooz]
  • College students like pho at Pho Xe Lua [Penn Appetit]
  • Taco throw down between El Rodeo and El Jarocho [22nd and Philly]
  • How do we feel about a stack of 43 McDonald’s sandwiches [Buzzfeed]