Head To Alfanoose For Soup And Meat Pies When Cold Weather Hits

It’s soup weather and while there are several places to get your fix downtown, one of my favorites is at Alfanoose on Fulton St. (at Ryder’s Alley). Not only is their red lentil soup delicious, it’s also a steal and a complete meal if you pair it with one of their savory pies.

There are three soups on the menu at Alfanoose — brown lentil, red lentil, and chicken — costing between $3.50 and $4. I went with the red lentil and also ordered a meat pie ($4) although you can also get a spinach or chicken variety. My soup and hand pie lunch cost $7.50 before tax.

The soup was great and you get a fair amount of it for the price. The lentils have been pureed and the soup also contains potato as a thickener, along with onion and chopped herbs. It’s a simple, but filling and flavorful liquid lunch. The meat pie is described as having ground lamb, onion, walnuts and spices. This is pretty accurate although the meat was a tad bland and dry. I would recommend getting some yogurt or hot sauce to moisten things, or simply dip the pie in your soup.

Alfanoose is known more for falafel or sandwiches, but for me the soup and savory pie combo is a winner. Think of it as the Lebanese equivalent to the usual soup and half sandwich you get at many places.

Alfanoose, 64 Fulton St. (at Ryder’s Alley), (212) 528-4669


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