Veronica’s Kitchen Really Knows How To Stew Some Chicken

We now have three carts serving food from the Caribbean in the Financial District and until last week I’d eaten at two of them. The Trinidad & Tobago cart down on Whitehall St. served me a delicious roti and I really liked the food from R. Retha’s cart (aka the Jamaican Dutchy) on S. William. The cart I’d never tried was Veronica’s Kitchen on Front St. (at Pine) and I’m not quite sure why. There’s normally a long, imposing line for what Veronica’s cooking, but because it was a rainy and windy day and the area was deserted prior to Thanksgiving, there was one person in front of me when I stopped by last week. While there was jerk chicken on offer, it’s already been Downtown Lunch approved, so I went with another standby – brown stew chicken.

I wasn’t asked what size I wanted and was given a small by default, which was plenty of food. It set me back $6 and included a sizeable pile of chicken (watch out for tiny bones in the rice), an equally large pile of candied yams, and peas and rice underneath. I wish I would have asked for some gravy (the sauce from oxtail) and hot sauce, but my food was handed to me so quickly I didn’t have to time to make requests.

Has anyone tried the roti from this cart? If you have, let us know what kind is best to order, because enquiring minds want to know.

Veronica’s Kitchen cart, Front St. (at Pine)


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  • Veronica’s Kitchen looks great! We actually haven’t been to any of the carts that you’ve mentioned here. Looks like we’ll have to plan the rest of the week for Carribbean!

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