Biryani Cart Is Here To Stay, Now Selling Jumbo Kati Rolls


Last week, I had a bit of a panic attack. I noticed Biryani Cart had not been out four times over the month that I had walked by 46th and 6th Avenue. I got really worried when an imposter cart had taken their place. This is one of many carts that have been circling the area with creative names like “Biryani Car” and “Biryani Card”. We might have another Famous Halal Guy situation on our hands.

But as commenters had reported, there indeed was nothing to fear.

I caught up with Meru (the owner and chef) this week who explained to me that on one Friday they were at their inspection and the previous days they had private events. I managed to look for them on the four random days they were not out. Sorry to cause any alarm.


But the good news about this was that it lead us to discover (thanks to ML’er cardy) that they are now offering giant kati rolls for $5. Not only are these larger, but they are cheaper than the kati roll order ($6 for two rolls) and they feature some new fillings and a new, lighter vessel.


The regular kati rolls are wrapped up in chapati bread, which has a wonderful buttery quality. These, Meru tells me, are a traditional rumali roti. The roti is thinner and less rich. It reminded me more of a quesadilla-style tortilla.


Most of the popular kati roll fillings are available in giant form, but Meru is also trying some other stuff out. I got to taste the Jumbo Kebab Kati which has two types of chicken: tikka and chapli kabab. The tikka is the familiar marinated, tender chicken cubes, while the chapli kabab is a great addition of spicy, ground chicken. It also comes with a little salad.


They are definitely worth a try and certainly as fully loaded as the original kati rolls. Other exciting news is that they will be bringing back their fried rice cart, Vooter-Adda, in the coming weeks. It will set up shop right next to Biryani Cart on 46th Street.

So, clearly, I was very wrong. Biryani Cart, thankfully, is not going away anytime soon.


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