Treehaus Makes a Mean Porchetta Sandwich

Treehaus (3rd Ave. btw. 50+51st) has been stepping up their Midtown Lunch sandwich challenge game as of late. Each of their offerings has sounded great, including the newest Rutgers Grease Truck sandwich, and the one I tried tasted great. But what really caught my eye on their menu was the porchetta sandwich. I had high hopes for the meat of this sandwich, especially given the porchetta photos Treehaus has posted on Twitter in recent weeks. Specifically, I was looking for thick slices of juicy pork – something I could really sink my teeth into.

So I was a bit disappointed to see that Treehaus had taken that beautiful pork roll and put it through the deli slicer. Don’t get me wrong, the thin slices still packed a punch of porky goodness, it’s just that something is lost when porchetta is sliced that way, not to mention that for $8.95 you get a big sandwich, but you don’t get all that much meat.

Still, despite those grievances, the porchetta sandwich is quite good. Along with pork, the sandwich sports kale, roasted red peppers, and smoked mozzarella, all on a well toasted piece of focaccia. The kale goes well with the porchetta, working with the peppers to bring some brightness. The mozz is a nice addition, but, sliced as thin as the pork, the smokiness gets lost. I really liked the inclusion of a balsamic glaze. It made the sandwich for me.

If you’re looking for a sandwich overflowing with thick, juicy slices of pork and oozing with melted cheese (which, I think, is what most of us think when we think of porchetta), you might be disappointed by this sandwich. But for all that it lacks, this is still a good pork sandwich, especially given the lack of other porchetta options in the area.

I still have high hopes for Treehaus and think that it can fill a niche in Midtown East as a sort-of-generic deli that offers more interesting options and high-quality ingredients. Kind of like the WholeFoods of delis. I’ll definitely be stopping by to try out more of their offerings.

Treehaus, 830 3rd Ave (btw 50+51st), (212) 355-9855


  • 3 words. That looks pathetic.

    • Will wonders never cease? We agree on something!

      That sandwich looks absolutely ridiculous. It’s not even a big sandwich judging from your Metrocard, and that’s mostly bread anyway. And a deli slicer? You cannot be serious.

    • $8.95 for that sandwich makes me angry to what is probably an unreasonable degree. I wish I had a daughter so I could forbid her from marrying Treehaus

  • next time, take the top piece of bread off and take a pic so we can see the innards.

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    Hit up Treehaus yesterday as its across the street from my office and has been tempting me. Initial reviews made it sound like a great concept but I was still skeptical. Ordered a Fish Fillet sandwich that took about 10 minutes (saw many probable MTLers grabbing the Fat Cat) to come out and while it was tasty, the “brioche” bun was quite dense and the size was, like this, SUPER SMALL! I had to go buy more food within an hour of eating which never happens, ever. $9.25 for a sandwich should get me FULL! Hopefully they improve timing and cost/value of their offerings or else they will lose business quickly. I will be back, but not a weekly thing when Dishes, Num Pang and even Create and GO are within easy walking distance with superior sandwiches.

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