What Smelly Lunchtime Treats Are In Your Desk Drawers?


Got this email from Profiled Midtown Lunch’er Jenn today, and it started me thinking what other weird lunchtime treats are people hiding in their desk drawers.

Since the word is out on your LA departure, I thought I’d take this opportunity to impart to you my Midtown Lunch Secret of Shame. A few things you should know first:

1. My midtown office only has 3 people (including myself) in it.
2. My desk is partially blocked from view by a semi-wall.
3. I really really love sardines and other varieties of stinky canned fish.

In my desk drawer, at any point, you will find many cans of sardines and kipper snacks. Some days when I’m in the mood, I run down to Woorijip and grab a small rice to-go. I come back to my desk, duck behind my giant computer monitor and with controlled urgency (go too fast and the precious oil will spill) peel back the top of that little tinned can bastion of briny heaven. Then I pray that the odor (a mix of joy and catfood) doesn’t waft to the other nethers of the office.

Today, I’m alone in the office and so can openly, shamelessly indulge in my Fancy Feast fancies. I also happen to have plain instant oatmeal that I never opened in my desk too and since I do love a savory oatmeal, my lunch consists of salty herring fillets and hot oatmeal….in my coffee mug.

I know it’s anti-Midtown Lunch to be eating at my desk, but I do like to save my outdoor-recess time to get coffee at Stumptown and ogle the old-timey hipster barista boys in teeny pants. -Jenn

Obviously condiments are a no brainer, and remember that guy who used to roll his own sushi at his desk? But stashed away sardines and oatmeal? I love sardines as much as the next guy, but you’ve got to feel a little bit bad for that girl’s two office mates. How about you? What secret (possibly smelly) lunchtime treats are hiding out in your desk?


  • I did have a Red Snapper line,mama…..then thought no.

    I’d stay with the sticky.

  • Chinatown dumplings that also have cabbage in them can be UBER stinky (Like some really bad gas) but they taste good.

    (Rudy, LOL good one)

  • i like provolone…ive never smelled it though…i think parmasan smells much stronger…cuz i dont even eneed to be eating it to smell it.

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    Imagine what Jenn eat’s when she’s comfortably at HOME?! Yikes.

  • Someone opened up a can of chicken from the sea today at work, yuk, hold nose to suppress vomit. Almost as gross as a racy picture of mrs. docchuck holding an uncooked sausage.

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