It’s True… I’m Moving to Los Angeles

So I wanted to let you guys know that the rumors are true. I am moving to Los Angeles at the end of the month. But don’t worry, Midtown Lunch as you know it isn’t going anywhere. Much more on that once everything is finalized… but the more pertinent news is that we’ll be expanding to cover Downtown and Philadelphia full time at the end of this week (with one familiar face.) And, in a move that should surprise nobody, starting next month I’ll begin eating my way through the amazing Los Angeles lunch and street food scene for your viewing pleasure. (Although I will say here and now, even in L.A., the no salad rule still stands!)

More on all of these new developments coming soon…


  • sucks. wont be the same. good luck. bye

  • And so the empire has begun.

  • Good luck Zachova!!

  • @DDR – Hey old friend… You’ll be happy to hear I’m having my Darth Vader mask fitted as we speak.

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    This is a sad day. I hope you are able to find a worthwhile replacement.

  • I’m pretty sure you guys won’t even notice I’m gone!

  • only if Marissa Miller is your replacement.

  • :( such sad news!

    well, much luck with the move and the new life out there. i’m jealous about all the new and different foods you are going to be able to eat.

    ML HH on 1/26 dedicated to Zach!

  • Good Luck Zach!

  • Best of luck, Zach! You’ve definitely left your mark here :)

  • Ah, and enjoy Thai Town!!

  • Zach, Nix the Vader mask — I don’t look at this as an evil empire. More like a force for good.

  • @DDR – Glad to hear it!

  • As I understand the world, people only move to LA to pursue a career in Hollywood.. the obvious conclusion is that you’ll be starring in a Midtown Lunch based reality TV show.

  • Please tell me DocChuck is not taking over for you

    Or Rudy

    Or Bossman

    (well, those last two are at least sane)

  • You will be missed! But can’t wait to hear you extol the virtues of In n Out and West Coast Mexican fare.

  • Haha, ditto to Fred.

    But in all seriousness:
    Thank you for creating what is to me the reason why I enjoy working in and hanging around Midtown. I have found countless new eateries, and my friends and I have been taking advantage of the wonderful cheap eats all over the area. From the chicken and rice challenge to your great coverage of the food trucks, Midtown Lunch has and still will hold a special place in my heart.

    /corny speech

    Good luck in LA, Zach, and come visit us again soon!!

    - RockCenter

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    Wow, sad news but good news at the same time… Will you ever make a venture down to Tijuana and try the offerings there?

  • Zack, I can’t believe for one second that you think things will be the same with you gone – you, who always pointed out the slightest decline in quality for every possible eatery in the midtown area. It straight up will not be the same, or as good, without the same people running it. I am sure the same will hold true for Midtown Lunch. Best of luck in your new venture, even though you’re abandoning us.

  • Just want to quickly clarify… I’m not handing over Midtown Lunch to anybody. I’ll still be running the site, and the L.A. lunching will all be part of Midtown Lunch. I just won’t be the person eating the lunches in Midtown anymore. I’m not abandoning anybody! :-)

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